Bitfree Cash

A New P2P Electronic Cash System Based on Mortgage Business Model
—About BFC—
1. BFC is a new encrypted currency based on Cuckaroo29 algorithm,which effectively resists ASIC.
2. On the basis of traditional POW mining,BFC innovatively introduces mortgage mining mode.
3. The mortgage mining mechanism of BFC can effectively restrain the price drop caused by excessive circulation.
4. BFC Mortgage Miningn Mechanism Enhances Miners'Time to Hold Money and Prevents Malicious Trading.
5. Compared with traditional POW mining,BFC can effectively restrain the excessive growth of computing power.
6.  BFC strengthens the consesus among miners that the relationship between miners and miners is no longer competitive,but win-win cooperation.
7.  BFC innovatively designed mortgage-based smart contracts to provide a reliable and reliable technology cornerstone for the real business environment.