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Mozilla Gave Up To Cryptocurrency: Environment more important than donations

A few days after announcing that it accepts donations in cryptocurrencies, Mozilla put the decision on hold due to numerous criticisms about the impact of mining on the environment.

The announcement was another confirmation for Dogecoin, and Mozilla got this feature after partnering with BitPay – the leading platform for crypto-transactions.

Other cryptocurrencies were on the list, and on that occasion, it was explained that payments should be immediately converted into dollars, in order to avoid dizzying changes in value, and thus abuse.

Many immediately criticized the move, as cryptocurrency mining threatens the environment, and some have gone so far as to threaten to leave Firefox forever.

The Mozilla Foundation suspended the decision after criticism from the founders, and the statement says that the donations are on hold until it is determined how the decision fits into the efforts to stop climate change.

The decision to include cryptocurrencies in donations for the non-profit foundation was announced with a funny tweet, but the founder Jamie Zavinski immediately reacted very negatively.

In his tweet, he wrote that everyone behind the decision should be ashamed of participating in the destruction of the planet.

The danger of cryptocurrency mining has been warned for some time since huge amounts of energy are being consumed.

At the end of 2021, this problem has another dimension in Kazakhstan, because there have been power shortages.

The country has faced restrictions, and according to what the media writes, this happened, among other things, due to mining.

Authorities, therefore, announced restrictions on 50 registered crypto-miners, after they consumed so much electricity that the distributor was forced to shut down as many as three power plants in October.

A similar thing could happen in other parts of the world, so those who are aware of the harmful effects have been protesting against digital currencies for some time.

Cryptocurrency mining such as Bitcoin and Ethereum consumes a lot of energy, and the same goes for storage.

Bitcoin thus swallows the same amount of electricity as individual countries, and a good part is produced from fossil fuels such as coal, which additionally affects pollution.

A similar thing happened to Tesla after it accepted Bitcoin. Many immediately pointed out that the positive impact of electric vehicles is largely offset by the adoption of cryptocurrencies.